RFID jewelry tracking is one of the most innovative solutions when it comes to managing jewelry inventory. This concept has totally revolutionized the working of conventional jewelry showrooms and is an asset to the industry. That is why we’ve developed our jewelry inventory management solution – DIVA. It is a onetime investment which can offer exponential ROI to our clients as they can save a lot of time, human resource and minimize chances of losing ornaments.

The main benefits of using DIVA as a jewelry business software for your showroom. This software will prove to be indispensable for the growth of your business.

Despite being aware of this technology, some people might not know the advantages of a jewelry inventory management solution. The following are the reasons to use DIVA for your jewelry business.

Innovative Technology

At the outset, RFID jewelry inventory management solution is significantly better than the traditional method. Most jewelry showrooms rely solely on human intervention for inventory management. An employee is given the responsibility to perform timely checks, which is an inefficient method. This often results in losing ornaments which can be a huge cost to the company.

On the other hand, DIVA can do the same task in a robust and reliable manner. You need not depend on an employee and worry about misplacing ornaments. Furthermore, you can blindly trust technology if you’re concerned about thefts.

Saves Resources and Time

Another benefit of using an RFID jewelry tracking software is that you don’t need to shell out money just to supervise your inventory. DIVA allows you to direct human resources towards other essential tasks such as sales while technology looks after the safety of the jewelry.

Generally, auditing jewelry takes several minutes for an employee depending on the size of the showroom. If this task is assigned several times a day, it would lead to a colossal wastage of manpower which can instead be utilized for customer acquisition.
Our jewelry business software ‘DIVA’ performs inventory inspection in a matter of a few seconds. Moreover, it is a one-time investment which makes it a win-win situation for business owners.

Inventory Search

DIVA’s inventory search feature makes it possible for you to get the details of any desired ornament within seconds. Let’s say you’ve misplaced a jewelry piece in the showroom or its vicinity. Inventory search feature of DIVA allows you to find the ornament by using cutting edge RFID service.

This is very useful because most jewelry items have a compact size. Generally, jewelry gets stuck in the nooks and corners behind tables and cabinets. Finding them with naked eyes is a tedious and time-consuming task. With the help of DIVA, you can easily find the precious ornament and save yourself from an unnecessary loss.

Reports and Analytics

This is a key feature for your business in the long run. DIVA keeps a record of jewelry and its modifications every day. Moreover, it also generates an analytical report that you can use to track sales and displacement of jewelry items. These reports and analytics can help to explore hidden insights about sales so that you can plan your marketing strategies accordingly.

For instance, you can get details about which item is not being sold and is lying in the inventory since long. This will help you to strategize your marketing accordingly. Furthermore, with the help of DIVA, you can plan whether or not you should purchase/manufacture certain items.


Furthermore, DIVA is a cloud-based, serverless software. Unlike other RFID jewelry tracking software, DIVA eliminates the use of physical server management. Since the data is stored on the cloud, tasks related to hardware are taken care of by a reliable third party. Besides this, even if you are not a tech-savvy person, DIVA’s serverless feature simplifies the process. The best part is that DIVA’s simple UI and navigation makes it easy to use.