How Can DIVA Help Jewelers?

Traditional jewelry management methods are time-consuming, require caution, and loyalty from employees. Managing inventory is a tedious task with no room for the tiniest of mistakes. Humans are liable to make counting errors due to fatigue or time constraints. Moreover, ornaments will always be susceptible to theft by disloyal employees. Jewelers lose millions of dollars every year because of carelessness by employees or managers.

DIVA eliminates this whole problem by combining the reliability of RFID with a robust software. You can inspect every ornament linked with DIVA within seconds with foolproof accuracy. If you are a retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer, DIVA can help you by making inventory management easier than traditional methods.

Why Should You Use DIVA in Your Showroom?

  • DIVA is the ideal option for business owners who wish to save monetary resources while utilizing their manpower for other productive tasks. RFID jewelry tracking is a universally recognized concept which will be used by almost every jeweler in the near future.
  • Additionally, you could think of DIVA as a onetime investment which saves human resources and worries about precious ornaments.

In addition to this, DIVA is a more techno-friendly approach that adds value for the management and staff. Relying on technology for repetitive tasks and making use of employees for more fruitful things also boosts the overall morale of staff. Instead of spending hours checking the inventory, you can let your employees interact with customers. This is likely to boost your sales in the long run.

Features of DIVA

  • You can get an inventory report instantly, wherever you are.
  • RFID jewelry tracking exponentially reduces the time taken for auditing the inventory.
  • Apart from this, automated stick inspection makes diva dependable.
  • With the help of DIVA, you can also get invoices and reports on your smartphone.
  • Furthermore, additional training and technical support will help you get acquainted with DIVA so that you face no problems in future.

DIVA takes care of your instant reports, jewelry inspection, and security so that you can dedicate your manpower towards tasks that increase your sales. Our jewelry business software – DIVA is the perfect solution for both small and large scale jewelry showrooms. Get in touch with our team to know more about DIVA.

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